Jul 4, 2009

Independence Day

Today is the 4th of July - known in the US as Independence Day. After thinking about writing a blog on Multiple Sclerosis and Living for as long as I can remember (or as long as Blogs have been around) - I'm finally taking the leap - one more step in my journey to Independence from the shackles of this disease ... as the Dao de Ching said - "The journey of a 100 miles starts with one step."

I'm what may be called in some corners as an incurable optimist (or as my wife puts it - incurably delusional), and I see opportunities in every aspect of living, even with MS. I hope to write this blog with relevant posts/chapters as I ramble through my story - and history - with "MS and Living!" - my thoughts, experiences and learning.

I most likely won't write for too long on any one sitting as my left hand goes spastic after about 5 minutes - though I'll warn you, I have been playing around with audio dictation/typing tools, so maybe I can go longer. One more caveat, if you follow these posts, you may feel like a time traveller, as what I'm thinking of at the moment most likely has been influenced by yesterday's history, and they'll pop into my head quite randomly... so be warned.

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