Jul 17, 2009

Action Magazine

Just read through a magazine I had received in the snail mail this morning - called Action. It is put out by the United Spinal Association. Evidently, I received it as a member of the Mid-Florida Chapter of the MS Society, and I'm glad it was sent to me.

It is really quite good, easy to read/follow; and I must admit quite appropriate articles on issues like urinary retention and bowel issues. You can check out the articles at:
Action. I don't know why I was surprised - but MSer's seem to share a lot of the same issues with those of us with spinal cord injuries, and the articles (IMHO) didn't seem as depressing as the ones in the MS Magazine.

If you are in the Central Florida area in August, there is the "
Independence Expo" in Orlando from August 7-8, and the National MS Society will have an exhibit booth there, #205.

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