Jul 16, 2009

The ER

Once again I found myself in the Emergency Room yesterday - with the same issue I've had for 10 years - my urinary tract - or sphincter muscles - go spastic, and I can't void. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, I can't pee.

If you've never had this issue, and I truly hope you don't - the pain is immense. The remedy is quite medieval, as a tube needs to be slid up where no man wants a tube slid up - and drains the bladder. When the blockage happens though, I actually look forward to this invasion, my definition of the the lesser of two evils - and the joy in seeing the backed-up water pour down that tube once the bubble is in place, is as enjoyable as popping the top button on your pants watching the football game after your Thanksgiving day feast!

Now many with MS and other issues do self catheterising - and I admire them - but I just haven't gotten the nerve to learn how to do it yet; though I'm starting to think I may from a cost/convenience stand point. I'm sure I can do it, after all, I didn't think I could give my self a shot, either.

However, my point in writing about this is not me being a wussy and not wanting to take on this new challenge, but rather to talk about the nurses at "my" ER.

Simply said, it is amazing to me how kind and helpful people can be when you let them. Like many of us, I have always been proud and would rather help someone than be helped. But you learn quickly that sometime you need help, and these nurses are real "pros" in the helping area.

The triage nurse sees me coming - and more often than not, will get me in the back while she is doing the required work-up. Anyone that has been in an ER knows this is a big deal. The compassion in her eyes is evident - and she doesn't make me beg - being a frequent flyer does have its advanages.

Now technically, I expect the medical professionals to know what they are doing - but with my particular issues, I truly appreciate how they are able to leave me with my dignity after "performing the procedure". Humbling, actually - but an act that is greatly appreciated - which I'll be sure to "pay it forward" in my own little way.

So ladies, I won't use your names, but you know who you are - Thank you.

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