Jul 8, 2009

Early Morning Muses

They call it fatigue, but I just don't seem to get a full nights' sleep anymore. So can't fatigue be caused by lack of sleep, too? On a good night, I only get up once for that urgent bathroom call, usually around 2am, and go back to sleep, and get up around a more civilized 7am. But recently, I've been waking at 4:00, and wide awake!

Now that I write about it, I don't mind it as much as one would think I would. Some wonderful things happen early in the morning - quiet time to think, exercise at your own pace, and then there are the sunrises that I wouldn't normally take the time to look at (or get up for) if my sleep pattern was a "normal" one (...a benefit of having MS?). With all of the rain we've been having here in our part of Florida lately - the sunrises are particularly colorful - with the leftover clouds and the start of a clear and humid day.

I also find that I have a much clearer, or less cluttered, thought process at this time of day, and love to just be quiet and think.

I've always liked the serenity of the early morning. Whether it was being out by the pool listening to the quiet before the family rose, playing squash with friends or the early morning drive to one of the NY airports when we lived in Connecticut, travelling down the Merrit Parkway with very little traffic, no radio, and enjoying the solitude of my thoughts.

I'm not sure how to stop writing about this - other than to say tomorrow I'm going to embrace waking up so early, and enjoy it - now time to do some work...

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