Jul 4, 2009

How To Describe MS to Non-Participants

Here are some descriptions that I have used over the years to desribe what it feels like to live with MS:

  1. To Coffee Drinkers: You know how you feel before you have your first three cups of coffee a day - well, that is how I feel on a good day.
  2. Describing Symptoms: They are like a light switch, they are either on or off and the juice is either flowing or it isn't.
  3. To a New York Yankees Fan: MS SUCKS!!!
  4. Describing Spasticity: Imagine you being put in the fetal position and someone wraps a rubber band around you. Now straighten upl
  5. Describing Spasticity: Have you ever tried to put a two year old in her car seat when she doesn't want to go and they go stiff as a board....

  6. To a Boston Red Sox Fan: JETER SUCKS...oh yeah, so does MS! And JETER SUCKS!
  7. When asked how you can give yourself a shot: It's easy... do you want to try?
  8. When you are at Disneyland: HA HA, I have a scooter!!!
  9. Double Vision: Kinda' self expanatory, don't you think? And by the way, which one of you asked..?
  10. MS Fatigue: Don't know if it is MS, or the fact that I get up four times a night to pee and I only get 3 hours sleep!

I'd love to hear more - so please share!

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