Aug 14, 2009

A Great Day

Yesterday was a great day for me - mostly because I got to go to lunch with a beautiful young woman, and listen to her hopes and dreams for the future.

I listened to my middle child talk about her trip to Europe this summer and the experiences they had there, why she wanted to change her major to English from Psychology, and how the university is changing the rules for seating during the football games. All extremely important stuff to a 19 year-old.

This meal reaffirmed one more time that this kid gets it. She has always been described to me as "an old soul", displaying wisdom beyond her years and an understanding of situations that most of us would constantly fret about - until a good friend slaps you upside the head and says stop.

A case in point is when I was asked her about a certain young man that has been pursuing this "child" since their sophomore year in high school, and again this summer. She moaned as a daughter does at her father mentioning a boy - then said something I'll never forget.

"He isn't my type so I don't really care for him beyond being friends" she says, "He doesn't really like me either, I'm just a goal". And that was the end of this line of questioning. But I couldn't let it go in my head.

A GOAL...A GOAL... where did this wisdom come from. As any father that has had the joy and misery of raising a teenage daughter knows - you can only hope your daughter can get this wisdom without being burned by some kid (due to a father's karma coming full circle..?). I must admit, I was able to breathe just a little bit easier with her moving off campus for the first time - just a little.

Continuing over spicy tuna and Mexican rolls, the conversation then switched to her older sister's wedding in September - to whether or not there will be hurricane that weekend (we decided there won't be), how she is excited but sad to be leaving to school soon, wondering where she should try to get internships the next summer and hoping she can get up early enough to get the good seats at the football game.

All extremely important stuff to a father.